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Long-time broadcaster, blogger and diabetes mom Stacey Simms interviews prominent diabetes advocates, authors and speakers. She also shares personal stories of connection from people with diabetes and their friends and family.
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May 9, 2017

This week, diabetes educator Heather Lage has a daughter with type 1 and a son who's tested positive through the screening service TrialNet. TrialNet offers a screening test that can detect markers for T1D called autoantibodies up to 10 years before diagnosis. What’s it like to know your child will get type 1 diabetes? What does her son think about it? Heather Lage shares her family’s story. 

TrialNet's ultimate goal is to learn enough about diabetes to prevent it. Many people who test positive are given the chance to enroll in clinical trials. 

Also this week, a look at the 8th annual Diabetes Blog Week. Stacey talks with Karen Graffeo who started this event and has been amazed at the growth. 

Plus, Stacey announces her partnership with Bike Beyond, a cross-country bike event from the people at Beyond Type 1. Stay tuned or more information and on the road reports from these incredible bikers, all of whom have T1D. 


May 2, 2017

This week, Ed Damiano talks about his Bionic Pancreas project. Using a pump called the iLet and a Dexcom CGM, the only information the Bionic Pancreas needs is the user's body weight. It adapts to you, no need to figure out insulin to carb ratios or correction factors. The iLet will eventually come to market using both insulin and glucagon, but the first version will be insulin-only.

Stacey & Ed talk about the long journey to get to this point, why he had to start a brand new kind of company (Beta Bionics) to help bring the iLet to market and just when he expects it to be available.

Stacey also shares some of what she learned at the recent HealthEVoices Conference and talks about the milestone of this episode: It's the 100th regularly scheduled show for Diabetes Connections!


Apr 25, 2017

This week, finding the humor in a life with diabetes. Stand-up comedian Chelcie Rice talks about the business of comedy and about using his own life with T1D, including eye surgery, in his act. Chelcie & Stacey also talk about his diagnosis as a young adult, how he uses the comedy circuit to raise money for diabetes causes and to educate about stereotypes.

Stacey also talks about Apple's "secret diabetes" plans and gives another tip of the week from a listener. How can you remember to take that extra vial of insulin from the hotel fridge? A very creative answer...


Apr 18, 2017

Roddy Riddle recently completed one of the most brutal & extreme races in the world. The 6633 Arctic Ultra is a 350 solo foot race through brutal cold, wind and isolation. Dozens enter and only a few finish ever year. Roddy is the first and only person with type 1 diabetes to enter the race so far, and the first T1D to finish it. He had to withdraw from the race in 2016. He shares why he was so motivated to finish and what he learned from last time around that helped him not only make it all the way, but come in second.

In our Community Connection this week, we check back in with the Elbow Bump Kid, Logan Merwin. He's raising money for several diabetes causes, including CWD Friends for Life Conference. His big news? He's got a sponsor! We'll talk about how a race truck team got involved.


Apr 11, 2017

Anthony Hightower has used Afrezza for the past two years. He credits it (along with a Toujeo, a newer basal insuin) with completely changing his T1D management. In addition to excellent numbers, Anthony shares what else Afrezza has to offer. He explains, he liked it so much, he went to work for Mannkind, the company that makes Afrezza. He and Stacey also talk about the challenges Anthony faced since his diagnosis as a teenager. He admits he spent 20 years trying to avoid thinking about diabetes and credits the online community & the Diabetes Unconference with saving his life.

Stacey also shares what those little "clips" are that come with some pump insets. Her family learned the hard way at the beach a while back! She shares how her husband McGyver'd a solution when they'd left the clips at home.

And, find out how to contribute to our 100th episode coming up soon!

Apr 4, 2017

Neil Greathouse has a fantastic Instagram account ("The Betes") where he posts videos of life with type 1 diabetes. It's an entertaining look at the ups and downs of T1D, but Neil wasn't always able to find humor in his situation. Diagnosed while in the very last stages of Air Force training, he had to put aside a life-long dream. Stacey & Neil talk about the path he wound up taking and how he's used his creativity to help people along the way. Neil has also produced a short film: Type1Day1. In collaboration with Beyond Type 1 and released on Word Diabetes Day in 2015, it highlights the strength of the diabetes community.

Stacey also talks about a new summer NHL program for kids in Canada with type 1 and discusses the JDRF Walks in her area, happening this week. 

Plus, a road trip to all the US National Parks to raise money and awareness around T1D.


Mar 28, 2017

This week's guest is on a mission. Ross Baker wants to run a marathon in every state in the US as well as DC and he is just two states away from meeting that incredible goal. He plans to conquer Alaska & Hawaii later this year. Diagnosed with type 1 at age 19, he was at first told not to run at all, that it would be dangerous for someone with diabetes! He didn’t listen and after running a few races, he felt called to try for something big. This is a story that involves determination, faith and some Bojangles sweet tea. 

Stacey also talks about "real people sick" and adjusting basal rates to deal with illness (and mistakes she's made in the past).

Plus, an update on Jack's insulin allergy.

Mar 21, 2017

This week, a new campaign to stop a dangerous problem: DKA before a diabetes diagnosis. Beyond Type 1 wants to educate about the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in a new campaign involving pediatricians. Stacey talks to Tom Scher about the group's new multi-state campaign, how doctors are responding to it and what DKA actually is. 

Stacey also brings us up to date on how people with type 1 diabetes fared in the brutal Iditarod and 6633 Arctic Ultra races.

Plus, if you're a mom with type 1, Glu needs your help. Hear about a survey for women with T1D who've given birth.

Mar 14, 2017

Tom Brobson is JDRF's National Director of Research Investment Opportunities. He was diagnosed with type 1 as an adult and has been involved personally in many artificial pancreas trials, the first of which had him hooked up to a computer in the hospital and not allowed to get up or go anywhere without a healthcare professional by his side. Of course, since then, the trials have included trials with equipment as small as a pump, CGM & smart phone.

Stacey recorded Tom as he gave a presentation at a local JDRF walk kickoff event. He talks about stem cell research, the artificial pancreas project and other advances in diabetes technology. He also talks about approvals and access.

In this episode, Stacey also talks about coughing for pain relief during shots and insertions. Really! We also share the adventures of people with T1D in the Arctic and in Alaska as this episode is released.


Mar 12, 2017

Ryan Reed was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six years ago and was told he'd never race again. At the time, he was moving from California to North Carolina to try to get onto the NASCAR circuit. Instead of giving up, Ryan found a new doctor and got back in the driver's seat. Now a driver on NASCAR's Xfinity circuit, Ryan won at Daytona in February, the same track where he got his first Xfinity win in 2015. Stacey talks to him for this bonus episode at Roush Fenway headquarters in Concord, NC.

Hear more of Ryan's story in this interview from 2016

Mar 7, 2017

This week, a conversation about a medical mystery and a family's search for answers. Nine-year-old Jack Smith was diagnosed with type 1 as a toddler, but in the last year he's become allergic to insulin. His mother, Jaclyn, shares their story with Stacey.

About 2% of people with type 1 diabetes have an insulin allergy, but it’s almost always tied to a type of insulin. They are able to switch and can continue dosing without issues. Jack has reacted to every available type of insulin & all methods of injection or infusion. 

Note: This interview was taped 2/28/2017, just before Jack was to go back to Duke for a new treatment. As it airs (3/7/17) the first IVIG treatment Jaclyn mentions resulted in some serious side effects, sending Jack to a local hospital. He's recovered and plans are in place to try to prevent those symptoms at the next infusion.

You can follow Jack's story here (Facebook page).



Feb 28, 2017

Doris Hobbs is all about style and glamour. A fashion writer, model and blogger, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult, as was her sister. Their father has lived with T1D since age 2. Doris talks about where her fashion sense comes from, why she loves vintage looks and clothing and how looking good is an important part of good health.

Stacey also previews extreme athlete Roddy Riddle's "unfinished business." On March 10th Roddy will take his second crack at the 6633 Ultra, a grueling run that crosses the arctic circle. 


Feb 21, 2017

Chris Ruden says he's the "only 7-fingered, diabetic speaker, adversity coach and elite Powerlifter you know!" Born with only two fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm, Chris was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 19. Also a weight-loss and fitness coach, he can deadlift more than 600 lbs and is on track to be the world's strongest adaptive athlete. But within all that muscle is a story that starts with bullying and continues with overcoming others' expectations. Chris's sense of humor and refusal to accept limitations shine through a fun interview.

Stacey also talks about JDRF Walks in her area and looks back at her family's first walk 9 years ago. They may have broken a few rules at the amusement park they were supposed to be walking through... 


Feb 14, 2017

This week, Meri Schuhmacher-Jackson shares her unique story. Three of her four sons have type 1 diabetes. Several years ago her first husband died after a short & intense battle with cancer. Incredibly, Meri found love again. She's remarried and she and her husband have nine children between them! Meri shares her story on her blog "Our Diabetic Life."

Plus.. a look at a high protein frozen treat called ProYo. This caught our eye after Stacey sampled it at a JDRF Walk and learned the company donates to diabetes causes. Founder Nathan Carey explains how he started the business.

And Diabetes Podcast Week may be over, but we hope you consider support Spare a Rose and our sponsor, Wildtree, all month long!

Feb 7, 2017

This week: OpenAPS, Looping, Happ - a bunch of weird sounding terms that are changing the way many manage diabetes.  Tim Street has lived with type 1 for 28 years, he writes a blog called Diabettech. Tim talks about the DIY systems out there right now (he's tried almost all of them) and about all the new choices for people with diabetes available now an in the next few years. Lots of conversation in this show about the “art of the possible."

It's also Diabetes Podcast Week! This is the second year of Stacey's campaign to bring together podcasters and video bloggers to benefit Spare a Rose, Save a Child. Diabetes in developing countries can be a death sentence. This Valentine’s day, considering donating the cost of just one rose. That can keep a child with type 1 alive for a month. A dozen roses? That cost can cover a year. Spare a Rose benefits Life for a Child, an International Diabetes Federation Program.

Jan 31, 2017

This week's guest, Julie De Vos has been skiing about since she could walk. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11 she’s now a coach with Riding on Insulin & program director for Connected in Motion. Julie was determined to keep skiing after her diagnosis and shares the challenges she faced as a young competitor. As an adult, a Google search led her to Connected in Motion, a Canadian diabetes athlete group and then Riding on Insulin, which encourages kids and adults with T1D to participate in action sports. 

Julie talks about the importance of metal health in diabetes management, looks back on her years living with T1D and offers some advice for parents and caregivers of people with diabetes.

In this episode, Stacey also talks about the American Diabetes Association's new statement and petition in support of affordable insulin and previews Diabetes Podcast Week, which starts 2/6/2017.



Jan 24, 2017

Stacy Juba is a successful author & editor whose daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was six years old. Stacy shares how a book she put aside long ago helped her come to terms with her daughter's diagnosis and how finishing her current novel felt like a victory over T1D. 

This episode also features the family behind Noah's March, a new effort to raise money for T1D research. 10-year-old Noah decided he wanted to walk across America to get attention and funding for diabetes; his parents share how it's been since the walk kicked off at the start of the year.

Jan 17, 2017

Wil Dubois has written a weekly diabetes advice column for DiabetesMine for more than ten years. Called "Ask D'Mine," Wil answers questions with straight-talk, a blunt attitude and understanding that comes from experience. Diagnosed type 1 as an adult (and first misdiagnosed) he's also a diabetes author and community educator.

Stacey & Will talk about the column, Wil's diagnosis and about working in an area of the country where diabetes educators and endos are few in number and access. Wil also shares which columns generated the strongest reactions from readers.

This episode also features information about Diabetes Podcast Week. Plus a way you or your business can help the Spare a Rose campaign get life-saving diabetes supplies to children in developing nations while also getting a mention on the show.

Jan 10, 2017

In 2011 Erin Spineto completed a five-day solo sail around the Florida Keys. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 19, she's since completed other adventures such as a relay swim around the Keys and a stand-up paddle along North Carolina's intra-coastal waterway. Her new book, Adventure On, offers advice to keep people with diabetes motivated to pursue their dreams and manage T1D day by day. Spineto is married with two children; she and Stacey talk about juggling family and work (and T1D) responsibilities, getting away from it all and whether Spineto's job as a middle school teacher is tougher than a solo sail!

Stacey also shares her family's recent adventures in the Galapagos Islands and how they managed her son's type 1 diabetes while snorkeling, hiking, eating new foods and spending a week at sea. 


Jan 3, 2017

Victor Garber has starred on stage, screen and currently on television in the CW hit Legends of Tomorrow. Well known for Titanic, Alias & numerous roles on Broadway, Garber was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a teenager. He talks to Stacey about feeling "like a freak" at first, but still following his dream of performing and ultimately coming to terms with type 1. He answers listener questions about his routines (exercise, food, etc) and his newer experiences with an insulin pump and CGM. Plus, some fun behind the scenes show-biz stories!

Stacey also talks about the newly approved OneTouch Vibe Plus (Animas pump integrated with Dexcom's G5 Mobile CGM) and the FDA's separate okay of the Dexcom G5 for insulin dosing.


Dec 20, 2016

This week, a conversation with Dexcom’s Chief Technical officer Jorge Valdes. Stacey talks with him about challenges and advances in 2016 and they look ahead to what's in the works for next year. Valdes shares what the FDA is currently considering and may approve for 2017, updates us on customer service issues and reacts to Medtronic's hybrid loop system coming out in the spring. 

This is our last episode of 2016; there will be no new show released next week.  Please check out our archives or search for your favorite topics or guests from the home page. And make sure you sign up for our newsletter (click here). If you didn't win our Sugar Linings Swag contest, we've got a coupon code going out before the end of the year.

Happy Holidays and a safe and happy New Year!!


Dec 13, 2016

This week, live TV, every day, with type 1 diabetes. What’s it like to do a morning show, getting up in the middle of the night to deliver the news of the day when you also have to think about where your blood sugar is? Cristina Frank shares her story, how she got to WMTW in Maine, how The Baby Sitter’s Club Books helped a cousin figure out she had T1D when she was 11, and how much the news business has changed in just the last few years.

Plus, last chance to enter our Sugar Linings Swag contest (ends 12/14). 

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Dec 6, 2016

Stacey's son, Benny, was diagnosed with T1D the first weekend of December 2006. It was one month before he turned two. His big sister, Lea, had just turned 5. This week, Stacey, her husband, Slade, Lea, and Benny all share their stories about how their family's life was changed and about how they've all managed over the last ten years. 

This episode also kicks off a contest with Sierra Sandison's Sugar Linings Swag company! We're partnering to give away four shirts for the holidays. Please go to for all the information and enter!

This is a longer show than usual so it might be helpful to have a guide when the segments begin. You can refer back or skip ahead:

00:07:49 Stacey & Slade

00:27:20 Lea

00:43:43 Stacey & Slade (continued)

01:15:20 Benny


Nov 29, 2016

This week, living and thriving for 75 years with type 1 diabetes. Diagnosed in 1941, Judy Ball has seen incredible changes in diabetes management. There was a time before home monitoring when doctors weren’t sure people with diabetes could be trusted to even check their own blood sugar. We talk about how World War II affected Judy's initial care, her doctor’s connection to Banting & Best.. the scientists who unlocked the key to insulin, and how her great-nephew who also has type 1.. helped her change her routine.

Plus, a follow up on last week’s guest, Broadway performer Maddy Trumble and a little bit about Stacey's son managing diabetes during his first middle school play. 


Nov 22, 2016

This week, following a dream all the way to Broadway. Maddy Trumble has gone green in Wicked, been the King of NY in Newsies and toured the country as Mary Poppins, all while dancing in high heels and dealing with type 1 diabetes. Maddy shares her story, her family's love of theater and her passion for performing. We also hear about how she handles low blood sugars on stage and her concerns about health insurance.

Plus, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time for family visits and great food, but it can be just a bit stressful (with or without T1D). Some good advice from Diabetes Hands Foundation's Mike Lawson as he explains "How to Eat Dinner with a Diabetic."


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